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Yosemite Falls Dolomite

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About Yosemite Falls Dolomite

Be enchanted with the beauty of Yosemite Falls Dolomite on your Countertops. This exquisite material brings the fall colours of Dolomites right into your home, creating a warmth that will surpass time. Its sturdy 3 cm thickness (1 1/4″) gives Yosemite Falls Dolomite a surge of lasting beauty and functionality.

Veining, wavy patterns, and other features make every countertop unique with Falls Dolomite. The sheen of the polished texture gives it elegance, while the base tone, striking in black and white, offers a very versatile yet stylish backdrop for any renovation in kitchens and bathrooms. Falls Dolomite has medium heat resistance and low stain resistance; it does require a little care, but again—all that is reciprocated by the great look it can give to a luxury space.

Choose Hilltop Surfaces for superior quality, whichever you may choose—be it updating your kitchen or revamping your bathroom—the polished stone will add a timeless, refined touch associated with elevating the interior design of the home.