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Bianco Azul Dolomite

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About Bianco Azul Dolomite

Add some charm to your space with gorgeous Bianco Azul Dolomite. This fine stone will lend a touch of classiness to any bathroom and kitchen; it bears a wavy pattern with a blue-white background colour. Bianco Dolomite Countertop is thus a sure deal for all who desire classic luxury with functionality. Since this stone is unique and strong, with a nature suited to both modern and classic designs of the house, it has become popular in many homes.

Our Bianco Dolomite is 3 cm (11/4″) thick, guaranteeing a strong and luxurious appearance. The medium heat resistance and low-stain resistance make this product most suitable for use in locations where aesthetics come first. This polished texture does provide a sleek, smooth finish, while the bookmatched feature creates a stunning visual effect. Finally, the translucent features of this Bianco Dolomite Marble increase the finesse of your home a notch further.

Whether it’s a Bianco Dolomite Bathroom countertop renovation in your bathroom or adding a Bianco Dolomite Quartz surface in the kitchen with this Marvel Stone Bianco Dolomite, it is sure to uplift your space. Explore more by Visit our Slab Gallery.