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Sky White Dolomite

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About Sky White Dolomite

Bring a touch of sophistication and timeless elegance to your Countertops with this premium choice: Sky White Dolomite. The background colour of this exquisite material is grey with white and includes a nice vein pattern. With a 3 cm thick (1 1/4″) slab, Sky White Dolomite provides any kitchen or bathroom with a durable yet stylish surface.

Imagine these inlays, perfectly book-matched and seamless, in Dolomite White Polished, enhancing any area with their polished texture and unveiling the heightened elegance of their natural appearance. This marble will also be functional, with medium heat resistance and low stain resistance, which makes it suitable for daily use.

Bring a touch of refinement and elegance into your home with Sky White Dolomite. Its veining is unique, and the polish is sure to bring class onto your Countertops. This exquisite material puts durability and beauty together for a future statement in every home. Visit our slab gallery to explore more