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Mars Gris Neve Quartz

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About Mars Gris Neve Quartz

Give your kitchen or bathroom a warp with the stunning Mars Gris Neve Quartz. These gorgeous gris quartz materials will make any space feel classier due to their plain, solid pattern, enhanced with a smooth, polished texture. Suited perfectly for both modern and classic designs, Mars Gris Neve Quartz makes up the perfect material used in Countertops that will leave an impression.

This high-end product from the Essential series has its base colour grey, adding elegance and modernity to any home. It is 3 cm thick (1 1/4″). The thickness gives it durability and strength that will guarantee everyday use. On the other side, it is poorly resistant to heat but highly resistant to stains; thus, cleaning and maintenance of the surface are easy, looking great for years.

Give new life to your Countertops with the Mars Gris Neve Quartz, fusing style with functionality. Put together the finesse of gris quartz and the beauty of neve quartz in just one outstanding product.