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Mars Statuario Extra Quartz

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About Mars Statuario Extra Quartz

Bring Mars Statuario Extra Quartz slabs into your home for sophistication and a refined display of beauty. From the legendary brand Mars Quartz, this product offers elegance in any setting. With a pristine white base colour and bold, Prominent veins on the face, the Statuario Extra Quartz forms a classic look in luxury in both modern and traditional designs.

The Statuario Extra comes from a series containing a polished texture to boost its look. This is going to bring out beautiful yet practical pieces, since high stain resistance will make it easy to maintain and live up to the aesthetic expectations for a long period of time.

Available in 3 cm (1 1/4″), Quartz Mars is designed to meet the daily challenges of any dream project, and yet with easy care, it can maintain its stunning appearance. Take a look throughout our entire selection of designs in Statuario Quartz and find that piece of Statuario White Quartz that will accentuate your living space. You can’t get the unbeatable elegance and top-of-the-line quality that Mars Statuario Extra Quartz brings to your home from anywhere else.