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Mars Elegant Gris Quartz

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About Mars Elegant Gris Quartz

Bring some sophistication into your home from Mars Elegant Gris-quartz, styling with functionality sure to dominate the Mars series in any living space. It has an elegant pattern of veins and a polished texture that makes it an ideal material for countertops with a touch of luxury. Thanks to the grey-base color, Mars Elegant Gris Quartz will work with a myriad of decorating styles and bring elegance into your kitchen or bathroom.

The elegant series is the representation of Mars Quartz, one of the finest quality quartz. Mars Quartz Hilltop collection, together with Gris Quartz, brings you several countertops that have high stain resistance and low heat resistance to ensure the concept of your surfaces remaining as new even after years of daily use. These 3 cm (1 1/4″) thick slabs are strong and sturdy for any renovation ideas you may have in your home.

From updating your kitchen island to your bathroom vanity, Mars Elegant Gris Quartz is the perfect material to complete your vision. View our Inventory for more options