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Vultus Pulcher Leather Quartzite

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About Vultus Pulcher Leather Quartzite

Elevate your space with luxurious Vultus Pulcher Leather Quartzite materials for your Countertops. This premium stone is available in a robust 3 cm (1 1/4″) thickness and combines beauty along with strength to accent any room.

Leather Quartzite bears a leather texture with very fine marking veins and wavy patterns that give it an unbeatable edge in your kitchen and bathroom. Elegant black and grey base colours render this quartzite one of class in your interior design. More than appearance, this stone has heat resistant and stain resistance which keep your Countertops shining and long-lasting.

Imagine this refined look of Vultus Pulcher Leather Quartzite in your own home, combining style with practicality. The book-matched features give a seamless and continuous design for added aesthetic appeal. You will feel the uniqueness in quality and beauty of living spaces transformed by the Vultus Pulcher Leather Quartzite and be given lasting impacts within your home.