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Shadow Storm Leather Dolomite

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About Shadow Storm Leather Dolomite

Add some class and durability to any countertop with the beauty of Shadow Storm Leather Dolomite. With its veins and wavy design over a base color of mesmerizing blue, grey, and whites, so unique is Shadow Storm Leather Dolomite that your countertops will mark the crowning glory in any room.

This material is also available in a 3 cm (1 1/4″), with medium heat resistance and low stain resistance, making it practical for high-traffic areas. The leather texture gives it a special, classy appearance, upgrading the look and feel of your Countertops to a different level.

One of the specialities of Shadow Storm Leather Dolomite includes the book-matched feature, which gives an impression of seamlessness for visual cohesiveness. This stone should be your go-to choose for creating a luxurious and stylish interior to set off your kitchen, bathroom, or any part of your home. The feel of nature in conjunction with the sense of stylish functionality is very well coupled with the Shadow Storm Leather Dolomite to turn any space into a tasteful and elegant ambiance.