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Ocean Blue Leather Quartzite

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About Ocean Blue Leather Quartzite

Add some flair of Ocean Blue Leather Quartzite to transform your space. This is an elegant material that actually creates a perfect balance between sophisticated charm and endurance, making it an appropriate fit for any kitchen and Bathroom Countertops. Besides, the leather finish gives a resolute touch to this master blue quartzite, both refined and inviting. The perfect mix of blue and green as base colors produces a perfect tranquil condition, suitable for both modern and classical interiors.

Ocean Blue Leather Quartzite has a thickness of 3 cm (1 1/4″), so it’s robust, durable, and long-lasting, making it feel of premium quality. In pencil veining, veins, and some wavy lines, there is an intricate pattern, which makes every slab an exclusive piece of natural art. Combine this with the beauty of this quartzite, and you shall get something really useful: high heat resistance and high stain resistance—two key features for having a busy kitchen and bathroom.

The book-matched feature guarantees a uniform and appealing appearance, suitable for those seeking enhanced character and aesthetics.