Hilltop Surfaces Canada (“Hilltop”) warrants that Mars Quartz™ (“Product”) will be free from manufacturing defects, for a period of ten (10) years starting from the date of installation (the “Warranty Period”), to the original purchaser. 

This Limited 10-year Warranty is applicable when the Product is fabricated and installed for indoor commercial use only by professional fabricators and/or installers, subject to the terms and conditions described below. The Product must be used for its intended purpose and maintained in accordance with the Mars Quartz Care and Maintenance Guide. 

Under this Warranty, Hilltop’s only obligation and liability is to repair or replace, at Hilltop’s discretion, the Product that is found to have material defects during the Warranty Period. Hilltop is not responsible for any other expenses or damages resulting from the installation of the Product.  is not liable for indirect, punitive, consequential, special, or any other similar damages, including but not limited to loss of profits, business interruption, or any other loss, under any circumstances. 

This Warranty applies solely to the Mars Quartz™ sold by Hilltop. 

Terms and Conditions: 

  • The professional fabricator and/or installers is responsible to inspect the Product before fabricating and/or installing the Product, end user is also responsible to inspect the Product before fabrication and finally before the permanent installation. 
  • This Warranty covers use of the Product for indoor countertop applications only. 
  • This Warranty covers only the replacement in slab form or repairs at Hilltop’s discretion of inspected and verified manufacturing defects in the Product, and does not cover freight,
  • To be covered by this Warranty, the Product must have been acquired from an authorized Mars Quartz™ fabricator and installed by an authorized Mars™ Quartz installer. 
  • This Warranty covers Product that has been registered with Hilltop within 14 days of installation at 
  • This Warranty is non-transferable and is limited to ten (10) years from the date of installation. It applies solely to the original owner of the structure in which the Product was installed and terminates upon transfer of ownership to a third party. 
  • To be eligible for Warranty service, the customer must provide the necessary documentation, which includes the invoice from the fabricator. The invoice and receipt must clearly state the original purchaser’s name, the fabricator/installer’s name, and the name of the Product with its serial number, as well as the date of installation. 
  • This Warranty only applies for the polished finishes of the Product, any other finished requires regular daily maintenance and may not be appropriate for commercial application. 
  • This Warranty applies to materials that have been installed permanently in commercial structures and have not been relocated from their original installation. 

 Exclusions to this Warranty include: 

  • Product used outdoors, exposed to UV light, weather conditions, or excessive heat is not covered under this warranty.
  • Product that has been moved from its original permanent installation location is not covered under this Warranty.
  • This Warranty excludes any additional damage or repair of plumbing, electrical, drywall, painting, or tile that may arise due to the replacement or repair of the countertop.
  • Only the original purchaser can make a claim under this Warranty.
  • Seam and edge performance or appearance are not covered under this Warranty.
  • Product failure due to structural movement, settling, and improper cabinet or substrate installation is not covered under this Warranty.
  • This Warranty does not cover the natural variations in color, size, shape, or pattern distribution that are inherent to Mars Quartz™. These variations are a result of the natural materials used in the production of the product and are to be expected. The samples provided are only intended to give an approximation of the color and pattern and not a precise representation of the final product.
  • Any defects resulting from improper storage, handling, fabrication, or installation are not covered under this Warranty.
  • This Warranty is not applicable for flooring applications.
  • This Warranty is only valid for products that have been paid for in full.
  • This Warranty only applies to products sold under the Mars Quartz™ brand name by Hilltop. Any other products sold by Hilltop are not covered by this Warranty.
  • This Warranty excludes damage resulting from mishandling, abnormal use, misuse, chemical exposure or abuse, as well as exposure to direct or sustained heat or cold, sudden or rapid temperature changes, thermal shock, exposure to chemicals, force, pressure or loading applied by a person, utensil or object. Such damage may include, but is not limited to, cracks, scratches, chips and other forms of damage.
  • Color variance or minor conditions such as stains or water spots.
  • This Warranty only covers the cost of the product or its replacement and does not extend to expenses incurred for transportation, freight, demolition, disposal, fabrication, or any other related costs.
  • The Warranty does not cover any product that has been installed with a known or visible manufacturing defect at the time of installation, which may include color variance among other defects. 

Hilltop makes no other warranties, whether express or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Except as explicitly stated in this Warranty, Hilltop shall not be held liable for any losses or direct, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from the inability to use Mars Quartz™ 

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